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23rd Riga Cup

23rd Riga Cup planned on December 2 and 3, 2023 in Riga at Riga's High school of Cultures ("Rīgas Kultūru vidusskola", Ganību dambis 7, Rīga)

Riga Cup is the biggest international table hockey tournament in Latvia. It is organized by Latvian Table Hockey Federation and is one of Super Series tournament of World Table Hockey Tour.

You can find information about previous tournaments in Riga Cup history.




1st place - Winner Cup and Suunto 9 Peak TITANIUM
2nd place - 2nd place plate and Suunto 9 Peak
3rd place - 3rd place plate and Suunto 5 Peak
4th place - diploma and Stiga ROUTE 200S
5th to 8th places - Play Off 21 or 50EUR

9th to 16th places - WILSON volleyball AVP recreational

17th to 24th places - tablehockey team Finland or Sweden


Based on results in OPEN, the best lady/veteran 40+/veteran 55+/junior U18/junior U13:

1st place - WILSON backpack
2nd place - WILSON Beach Kit (volleyball + frisbee)
3rd place - STIGA table tennis racket + STIGA colored t.t. balls


Playing system:

The tournament is organized in accordance with ITHF Tournament Rules.

The Riga Cup will take place over two days. On the first day, all participants will play, except the top 8 registered players. There will be 3 rounds on the first day: qualification (only for players with lower rank), group stage (all other players start here), divisions and semi-final groups (all players from the group stage continue). Only the best players from the semi-final groups will qualify for the next day.

On the second day, the best 12 from both final groups will qualify for play-offs. The best 4 from each of these two groups will start from 1/8 finals, but players placed 5th-12th in the final groups will play 1/16 finals.

The qualification round is for all players ranked below 1000 in the World Ranking (WR) on November 22, 2023. If the list of pre-registered players on November 16, 2022 has more than 130 players with WR above 1001, the qualification round must be played by all players who are not among the 130 highest-ranked pre-registered players. Top8 registered players who will not play on the first day of the tournament are fixed on November 15, 2022. 

The maximum number of players in the qualification stage is 153. The best 10-20 players from qualification will join the group stage.
The maximum number of players in the group stage is 152.

Planned time schedule:
December 2

8:45 - 9:30 registration for qualification only.
9:45 - 11:45 Round 1. Qualification.(only low ranked players)
Playing system depends on a number of players.

10:30 - 11:45 registration for all other players.

11.00 - 12.00 a special event. Edgars Caics will present his new book, "GO for Greatness". 
You can purchase the book, take pictures, and get autographs from the Latvian table hockey legend.
The book contains the author's table hockey memories from his long career. The book is the story of an ordinary boy who achieved his table hockey dream, became the World champion in 2017, and has been on the international tournament podiums for nearly 20 years.
The book is written in English.

12:00 - 12:20 Opening ceremony.

12:30 - 15:15
 Round 2. Groups.
Playing system depends on a number of players.

15:15 - 16:00 Break

It is possible during the pre-registration also to pre-order a lunch set (soup, main dish, salad, drink) for the price 7 EUR. This pre-order must be made before November 30. Money should be paid at registration on Saturday.

16:00 - 19:15 Round 3. Divisions and Semi-Final groups.
Playing system depends on a number of players.

In conclusion, an awarding ceremony for winners of Divisions 2, 3 and 4 and also, if possible, of the best ladies/juniors/veterans.

December 3

9:30 - 9:50 registration, warm-up.

10:00 - 13:15 Round 4. Final Groups.
8 top players and 40 players who qualified on the first day will be split into 2 final groups. Top12 of both groups will qualify to play-offs.

13:15 - 14:15 Break

It is possible during the pre-registration also to pre-order lunch set (soup, main dish, salad, drink) for price 7 EUR. This pre-order must be made before November 30. Money should be paid at registration on Saturday.

from 14:15 Round 5. Play-offs.

After play-offs (aprox. after 18:00) and an awarding ceremony.


At the venue (territory of a school) is forbidden to bring in and use any alcoholic beverages.
Violators will be expelled from the venue. Participants of tournament, who will violate this prohibition (also after finishing tournament at some stage) will receive disqualification.


No special price deals.

Map of Riga and Latvia

Public Transport in Riga:
Bus, Tram & Trolleybus.
Tickets info

The nearest to the venue stop is called Pētersalas iela where stops trolleybus 19, buses 2 and 20, as well as stop Kultūru vidusskola for tram 5.

Budget air services to and from Riga:

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