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A more detailed timetable will be published later

June 13

Not an ECh day! We are considering a short individual tournament in the afternoon.

Participation fee: 15 EUR, for juniors - 10 EUR. If a player will not pre-register +5 EUR.

Prizes for Top3 players (also based on results in OPEN - for Top3 players of veterans, juniors and women)

Registration 13:45-14:15
Round 1. Groups 14:30-15:50 (max 11 players per group)
Round 2. Divisions 16:15-17:50 (10-12 players per division)
Round 3. Play-off 18:00-19:25 (top4, best of 5)
Awarding ceremony 19:30  

June 14

The first day (Friday). This day, 6 categories of medals are played among veterans, juniors and women, both in team and individual competitions. Three team tournaments are played in the morning. Three individual tournaments are held in the afternoon.
The opening ceremony will take place after individual tournaments.

June 15

The second day (Saturday). On this day, teams, kids and superveterans play. There is also a qualification in the open category.

June 16

The third day (Sunday). Final groups, divisions and play-offs are played in the open category.