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WCC - Rules in practice

Here you can find WCC Rules and time schedule per round.

The line up is 4 players.

The captain of each team must be announced (marked in "minitournament sheet") to the organizers no later than the start of the play-off or placement matches.

Substitution of players during team matches is allowed between each 5-minute round.
Once a player has been substituted, that player cannot play again in that team match.

Before every round, team captain (or person nominated by this team) have to fill in startup names in "team sheet" or  "minitournament sheet" what will look like this:

"Home team" can choose which games will be used, e.g. 4 games already in the sector where they have to play or they can choose to exchange games with spare ones.

"Home team" (listed as the first in pair schedule) must fill in names of players first, then another team ("Away team") fills in their names.
After that changes in names are allowed only after the next 5-minute match is played.

Before the start of the first game, "Away team" can choose the side of each individual game.
During whole minitournament players of "Home team" are not changing games and place where they play, but players of "Away team" are rotating. Note rotation of hints in "minitournament sheet" - B1, B2, B3, B4!

In the example below, we can see (marked with red) that in Round 3 "Home team" changed their player A4, but "Away team" changed player B4 in round 4.
If a player of "Home team" wins the rusult field must have "1 - 0", if a player of "Away team" wins - "0 - 1" (see green marks in the example).
If none of the players wins, then the rusult field must have "0 - 0" (see blue mark in the example).

Playing system of WCC

23 teams

Stage 1. Groups:
3 groups 6 teams and 1 group 5 teams.

5 rounds for all groups.

Top 3 from each group will qualify for Division 1 taking mutual results.
Bottom 3 will go to Division 2 also taking mutual results and forming 2 groups.

Stage 2. Divisions:
Division 1 will have 2 groups 6 teams each.
Division 1A will have teams from groups A, D.
Division 1B will have teams from groups B, C.

Division 2 will have 2 groups 6 teams each.
Division 2A will have teams from groups A, D.
Division 2B will have teams from groups B, C.

3 rounds for all groups.

The team who will be 6th in in Division 2B will finish as place 23.
All other teams continue in Stage 3.

Stage 3. Play-off.

If any team match ends with a draw during a play-off, then no overtimes take place, but a “captains' match” will be held instead. If the captains' match ends in a draw, overtime will be played until a goal is scored. The team that is represented by the captain who wins the captains' match wins the whole team match.

Teams outside the top 8 will have 1 placement round:
Place 9: Div1A5 - Div1B5
Place 11: Div1A6 - Div1B6
Place 13: Div2A1 - Div2B1
Place 15: Div2A2 - Div2B2
Place 17: Div2A3 - Div2B3
Place 19: Div2A4 - Div2B4
Place 21: Div2A5 - Div2B5

Top8 teams of Division 1 will have 3 playoff rounds:

1/4 Final pairs:
QF1: Div1A Place 1 - Div1B Place 4
QF2: Div1A Place 2 - Div1B Place 3
QF3: Div1A Place 3 - Div1B Place 2
QF4: Div1A Place 4 - Div1B Place 1

1/2 Final pairs:
SF1: Winner of QF1 - Winner of QF3
SF2: Winner of QF2 - Winner of QF4

Bronze final:
Loser of SF1 - Loser of SF2

Winner of SF1 - Winner of SF2

Time schedule:


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