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WCC - Rules in practice

Here you can find WCC Rules and time schedule per round.

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It's cold outside..

Weather forecast for the LO and WCC weekend - temperature could drop to -19 C !
Detailed info for Jēkabpils

Committee of referees

The Committee of referees for both tournaments will be:
Intars Zubeckis, LGHF, LAT
Edgars Caics, ITHF, LAT
Bjarne Axelsen, ITHF, DEN
Igor Saveljev, EST
Martin Arenlind, ITHF, SWE

Registration for Latvia Open

Latvia Open
will take place on March 3, 2018 in Sports hall of Jekabpils Secondary School No. 3 (Jēkabpils 3.vidusskolas sporta manēža).

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Registration for WCC

An invitation to all national federation has been sent by e-mail.

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